Lack of certain substances in the body is certainly bad, one of them is vitamins. Lack of vitamins results in a disrupted healing process. This can be more severe if vitamin deficiency occurs in pregnant women. In addition to the disrupted fetal growth process, vitamin A deficiency can be a trigger for grape pregnancy. If this is allowed, pregnancy wine can lead to deadly cancer.

Based on the research of the Permanent Professor of FKUI, Prof. Dr. Dr. Andrijono, SpOG (K), from republika.co.id, vitamin A deficiency is a major factor that can cause wine pregnancy. More precisely, the risk of pregnancy wine is higher in young women and during the first pregnancy.

In more detail, according to him, women who are deficient in vitamin A as much as 6.8 times that of women have enough potential to get wine. This figure can still increase seven times in women who are pregnant for the first time.

Apparently, vitamin deficiency is not during pregnancy. Based on research, Andrijono, a woman who is pregnant with wine has a deficiency of vitamin A long before pregnancy. This statement is based on the fact that as many as 73.13 percent of pregnant patients with wine experience vitamin A deficiency.

Based on this research, Andrijono said that giving vitamin A can increase the value of death of grape pregnant cells physiologically. So, giving vitamin A is very appropriate to simulate recovery in pregnant wine sufferers.

In this way, those of us who have never been pregnant or are planning a pregnancy should care about nutrition and nutrition. A lack of just one substance can make this dangerous epidemic.